Léo Lorenzo is a passionate and accomplished professional dancer and instructor, dedicated to the art of dance. With a lifelong immersion in dance and music, Léo’s journey started at a young age, exploring percussion, gymnastics, and various musical instruments such as drums, guitar, and piano as a self-taught artist.

Alongside his interest in music, Léo’s love for dance blossomed when he discovered West Coast Swing. Fascinated by this captivating dance style, he began training with esteemed instructors Sebastien Cadet and Blandine Iche. Léo’s commitment to honing his technique and teaching skills transformed his passion into a professional calling, driven by the enchantment of sharing the magic of dance.

Driven by his dedication and talent, Léo excelled in dance competitions, particularly in Jack and Jills, where he showcased his improvisation skills. In an astonishingly short period, he climbed the ranks and achieved the coveted « All Star » category in just three years. His accolades include four world champion titles in Novice (2016), Intermediate (2017), and ProAm (2017) categories, as well as Advanced as a follower in 2022. Léo also secured a remarkable second place at the European Championships in Budapest in the prestigious All Star category in 2022.

Seeking new inspirations and embracing his passion for diverse dance styles, Léo explored Brazilian Zouk, Contemporary, and Salsa. However, it was in Bachata that he discovered a particular interest, immersing himself in the community and taking on the role of an instructor.

As a dedicated teacher, Léo continues to refine his skills by training with renowned dancers and instructors. He has learned from the best in West Coast Swing, including Kyle Red, Jordan Frisbee, Robert Royston, and Benji Schwimmer. Léo also seeks guidance and advice from Fabrice Boh Suzan in other dance forms, constantly expanding his repertoire.

In January 2023, Léo made the decision to fully dedicate himself to dance and committing to dance as his full-time profession. With his unwavering passion and expertise, Léo Lorenzo is eager to share his love for dance and his unique philosophy with you.

Join Léo on this captivating dance journey and experience the joy and beauty of movement, rhythm, and self-expression.

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