About Léo

Léo Lorenzo is a passionate and accomplished professional dancer and instructor, dedicated to the art of dance. With a lifelong immersion in dance and music, Léo’s journey started at a young age, exploring percussion, gymnastics, and various musical instruments such as drums, guitar, and piano as a self-taught artist.

Driven by his love for dance, Léo has excelled in various styles, including West Coast Swing, Brazilian Zouk, Contemporary, Salsa, and Bachata. His commitment to his craft has led him to achieve remarkable accolades and titles, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication.

As a passionate teacher, Léo believes in the transformative power of dance and the joy it brings. He continues to expand his knowledge and skills by training with renowned dancers and instructors, ensuring that he can provide the highest quality of instruction to his students.

Join Léo on this captivating dance journey and experience the joy and beauty of movement, rhythm, and self-expression.

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